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Bixby International continues to be a leader in custom thermoplastic extrusion. Check back here for news about the company


Visit Bixby International at Booth #1019 at The Materials Show on March 6 & 7

Visit the Bixby International team at the Northeast Materials Show on March 6 & 7, 2019 to learn more about our Bixwear line of products. Bixby's unique plastic formulations are used to create a wide variety of adhesive, barrier, and elastic Bixwear products.

Bixby's processing capabilities and ability to produce a diverse range of specialty plastic resins provides a diverse portfolio of products to the apparel industry, including our Bixwear line. In addition to Bixwear, we also deliver custom solutions for clients in the apparel industry.

We produce both single-layer and multi-layer films, including films integrated with foam padding, textile reinforcements and multilayer combinations of polymers and textiles. Bixby's high-end process allows it to produce high quality films that are used to make a wide range of apparel products.

About the Northeast Materials Show 
For the last 25 years, the Northwest and Northeast Materials Shows have brought together hundreds of suppliers to leading makers of footwear and clothing. The conferences, which are held each year in Portland, OR, and Wilmington, MA, provide a unique forum for companies that supply materials to the footwear, clothing, and sports apparel industries.

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Visit booth #1019 to learn about Bixby's robust solutions and product development capabilities.