Bix®Therm is an optically transparent, highly UV and weather-stable, thermoplastic TPO solar encapsulant. It optimizes adhesion to a broad spectrum of substrates used in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules – primarily for thin-film applications where the encapsulant must bond in a continuous, or roll-to-roll process. BixTherm requires only heat and pressure, with no curing time, to encapsulate PV cells and bond substrates. It also does not require long cycle times to build cross-link density, which increases processing throughput. No curing reactions mean less by-products generated during lamination … and no bubbles formed when using aggressive lamination temperatures and rates. Since it is not based on EVA polymer technology, there is no corrosive acetic acid generation that can decrease the cells’ efficiency over time. Easy and non-tacky to handle, BixTherm is available in thicknesses from 0.004" to over 0.040". And it can be supplied as an unsupported film, or extruded directly onto solar film sub- or superstrates, like ETFE, polyester, glass scrims, or customer-specified films.

Bix®Therm Advantages

  • Fast Cycling – No Need for Curing in Lamination
  • No Bubble Formation in Lamination
  • Chemically Stable – No Degradation By-Products Long-Term
  • No Generation of Corrosive Acetic Acid
  • Excellent Adhesion to Difficult-to-Bond Substrates
  • Outstanding Weather Resistance & Clarity
  • Creep Performance up to 100°C
  • Greater Power Retention After Accelerated Testing
  • Very Low Yellowness Index (YI)
  • Elasticity – High Elongation
  • Modified Sheet Surfaces Reduce Tack, Ease Lamination and Handling, Improve De-airing, and Lower Cell Breakage
  • Available with or without Release Liner, on Glass Scrim or Customer-Specified Films