Social Responsibility


Whether you call it Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Responsible Business, Corporate Conscience, or just doing what is right, Bixby believes that while it is necessary to be Profitable, we need to consider two other P’s: People and Planet.

People - Bixby values its people, which is why we strive to ensure they work in a safe, respectful and comfortable environment.

Planet - From our Recycle/Reuse program to our Clean Sweep program, we make every effort to have a zero-negative impact on the environment. We also participate in local clean-up programs that make a positive impact on the communities in our area.

In the past 12 years, we have made Capital Investments to reduce energy consumption.

These investments include:

  • A new, more efficient chilled water system in 2007
  • Lighting upgrades to LED throughout the plant and office areas in 2019
  • New compressors with increased efficiency that require less energy to operate installed in 2019
  • All air lines replaced with copper lines in 2019 to prevent leaks and reduce compressor usage