Bix®Form BX is a proprietary thermoplastic compound that is extruded and sold as film and sheet products. Sheets of BixForm BX can be heated at low temperatures (~170°F tap water) and formed by hand to any shape, and feel like clay. After forming, the product cools quickly into a rigid polymer similar in stiffness to ABS or polypropylene. It has even been injection molded into 3-dimensional products that are re-heated for fine tuning and customizing the shape of the final product.

BixForm BX can be made with any surface finish (i.e., glossy, matte, embossed) or laminated with fabric, felt, foam, adhesive on one or both sides to give additional aesthetic appeal or functionality.

BixForm BX is processed at widths up to 72" wide and in any gauge, from only a few mils thick to over 200 mils thick. The resin also can be formulated in any color or with common polymer aesthetic effects. Once formed, BixForm BX has a modulus of 200,000 psi, like that of rigid PP. When greater stiffness, but similar low-temperature forming characteristics are required, Bixby’s BixForm HiMod, with over two times the stiffness of BixForm BX, is the intelligent choice.

Bix®Form Advantages

  • Low-Temp Formable in Hot Air from Blow Dryer or Hot Tap Water
  • Rigid Plastic Sheet with Properties Similar to ABS or PP
  • Produced in Any Color or Polymer Aesthetic
  • Laminated In Process at Bixby with Any Roll-Good Substrate (i.e., films, fabrics, foams, adhesives, etc.)
  • Laminated with Other Polymer Substrates (i.e., elastomers for “soft touch”)
  • Sheets Extruded in Thicknesses from 0.004" to 0.200" and Any Width to 72" Wide

For greater stiffness, look into Bixby's BixForm HiMod thermoplastic extrusion solution.