Bixby's raw materials include the diverse polymers and tie-layers we extrude, plus the many substrates that come as roll stock, which we subsequently extrude onto, and include in our composite constructions.

Substrate Trade Names and Types  


Volara®, Toraypef®, MicroZOTE®, E-A-R™ Foams, Poron® urethane, BISCO® Silicone, Expancel® (Custom), LDPE, PP, Cross Linked Olefin, EVA, Copolyamide

Bixby offers a variety of foam substrates including polyethylene, polypropylene, cross-linked olefins, EVA, urethane, hybrids. Available in a wide range of weights, thicknesses and colors, foam substrates offer excellent cushioning and bonding characteristics in custom laminations.
Woven Fabrics

Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Aramid (Kevlar®), Glass, Metal, Customer-Specified

Woven and knit fabrics can be added to lend strength, stability, tensile properties, directional reinforcement and aesthetics to any of our polymer extrusions. Here's a partial list of the woven fabric materials and types we work with: Cotton drills, ducks, twills, sheeting Aramid, polyester, nylon and natural fiber scrims Nylon tricot knits Polyester weft inserted fabrics Metalized polyester monofilament scrims Polyester and polypropylene Glass reinforcing fabrics Metal scrims and meshes Netting
Non-Woven Fabrics

Reemay®, Sontara®, Felts

Non-woven fabrics can add strength and stability to our extrusions, act as cushioning, or offer an excellent bonding surface for secondary laminating operations. Often these properties are gained at a lower cost than achieved with woven fabrics or scrims. Many of our products are enhanced with one or multiple layers of non-woven plied together with our extruded polymer webs. We work with non-wovens made from the full spectrum of commercially available and specialty fibers, including; polyester, polypropylene, nylon, aramid, natural, sheep's wool, etc.


Tedlar®, Tefzel®, Mylar®, Questar™, Aclar®, Kynar®, Ultem®, acrylic, Urethane, Foils, Specialty

Bixby can work with any film available to be unwound from a roll. Typical films used in our extruded laminations are olefins, polyesters, vinyls, polyamides, urethanes, polyetherimides, polyaryletherketones, fluoropolymers, acrylics, or any specialty or customer specified substrate.