Bixby’s process flexibility is unparalleled within the industry. Through our versatile functionality and network of experts in the field, we have the capability to work with a broader range of thermoplastics than our competitors.

Bixby’s Vendor Program was established to help our network of highly valued vendors drive their revenue stream. Our vendors provide us with valuable feedback that we use to continually improve the way we do business. We strive to establish and maintain these strong relationships and encourage productive technical exchanges with other experts in our field. As a result, Bixby and its vendors are both able to build upon our businesses and move innovative programs forward – the result is a mutually beneficial relationship for each company.

In this ever-changing industry, Bixby’s fast, flexible, and proven prototyping capabilities have continually allowed us to aid our vendors in securing new applications in film, sheet, or laminate form. Our in-house processes can decrease the time to launch, while our experience and expertise also serve to increase the probability of success. As a result, we are able to help drive substantial growth in sales revenue for vendors across multiple verticals. Additionally, there are occasions when our threshold to resource a project is much lower than that of our vendors. In those situations, our Bixby Team can conduct the prototyping and behind-the-scenes work that is required before a larger resource commitment is needed from the vendor partner. This not only helps our vendors get new applications and projects to the next stage of development quickly, but it provides them with a clearer pathway to success.