Bixby International is a custom thermoplastic sheet extruder and laminator offering one of the broadest polymer material and substrate selections in the plastics industry. Now in its second century as a plastic extrusion company in the USA, the company specializes in delivering practical solutions for the most challenging mono- and multi-layer plastic sheet applications in the world. Bixby leverages its core competencies of material, process, and application expertise to meet the most demanding design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges of its customers in markets ranging from agriculture to energy, mining to dental and medical devices.

With these capabilities and our skilled and motivated staff, we have been able to invest in and grow our innovative business model to supply customers with best-in-class custom plastic extrusion solutions.

Expanding from the footwear applications of over 140 years ago to the many industrial applications developed in the last quarter-century, we continue to deliver new technical solutions to major plastic manufacturing companies as well as other corporations around the globe in various industries.



Extruded Polymers & Tie Layers

As a thermoplastic extrusion company, and one of the oldest plastic extrusion suppliers in the United States, Bixby extrudes a vast array of commercially available polymer resins and compounds. These polymers can be extruded alone or combined with other polymers as well as in laminate constructions with other substrates. Click the link above for additional information.

Laminate Substrates

Bixby’s raw materials include the diverse polymers and tie-layers we extrude, plus the many substrates that come as roll stock that we subsequently extrude onto, and include in our composite constructions. Click link above for additional information.

Gauge Control

  • Three Flat Die Cast Extrusion Lines
  • 48" wide: Up to Seven Distinct Layers
  • 60" wide: Up to Three Distinct Layers
  • 72" wide: Up to Five Distinct Layers
  • Gauge Range: 0.003" – 0.250"
  • Coating Gauge Range: 0.001" – 0.008"
  • Textures: Gloss, Brushed, Light Matte, Heavy Matte, Prismatic, or Customer Specified
  • Sheet and Roll Stock
  • In-House Slitting Capability – In-Line and Off-Line