An optically transparent, UV- and weather- stable, fast-curing, EVA solar encapsulant, Bix®Cure was developed to optimize adhesion to a broad spectrum of substrates used in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules – both rigid and thin-film constructions. Its balance of properties enables BixCure users to experience greater power retention after accelerated UV and weathering exposure. Other users have benefited from better and faster de-airing in their lamination process due to BixCure’s aggressive surface finish. In addition, BixCure requires no interleaf, which eliminates production waste. BixCure also can be extruded onto customer specified substrates such as glass scrim or other films. When used this way, BixCure reduces steps and simplifies the process.

Bix®Cure Advantages

  • Fast Cure
  • Excellent Adhesion to Difficult-to-Bond Surfaces
  • Outstanding Weather Resistance and Clarity
  • Superior High-Temperature Performance
  • Low Shrink
  • Greater Power Retention after Accelerated Testing
  • High Transparency / Very Low Yellowness Index (YI)
  • Elasticity – High Elongation
  • Modified Sheet Surfaces Reduce Tack, Ease Lamination & Handling,
  • Improve De-airing, Lower Cell Breakage
  • Available with or without Release Liner on Glass Scrim or Customer-Specified Films
  • UL Listed – File No. E328010