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Bixby Implements Uncountable - Further Advancing R&D Capabilities

Earlier today, Uncountable , a trailblazer in next-generation Unified Laboratory Informatics and Data Management Software for enterprise R&D organizations, released a press statement spotlighting Bixby's adoption of their software program. With a rich history spanning 150 years, innovation has been ingrained in Bixby's DNA since its inception. Over the years, strategic research and development efforts have propelled the company from its origins in the footwear industry to a globally renowned custom plastic extrusion manufacturer. 

In alignment with Bixby's dedication to innovation, the R&D Department made the strategic decision to implement Uncountable's software to centralize vast amounts of experimental data accumulated over time and foster enhanced collaboration across departments.

Leading the charge in this transformative partnership is Bixby's Development Technology Manager, Ethel Bermejo. In a recent statement, Bermejo emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, "This partnership is pivotal for Bixby as it accelerates our program development by streamlining processes and eliminating redundancies. It ensures swift project advancement by making our extensive repository of material knowledge, experimental data, and know-how in mono- and multi-layer film and sheet extrusion solutions readily accessible. This is crucial for meeting aggressive commercial deadlines and sustaining our lead in fast-paced innovation."

We eagerly anticipate the continued success and growth that lie ahead for Bixby and are excited about the future possibilities and enhanced innovation facilitated by this software integration. 

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Bixby International Advances its Plastic Extrusion R&D Efforts by Implementing Uncountable



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