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Bixby International Offers Low-Density Extruded Kynar® PVDF Film and Sheet Products

Newburyport, MA, April 6, 2020 - Bixby International, an experienced and innovative custom film and sheet manufacturer of high-performance polymers, has once again added to its extensive capabilities.  The company now has the ability to produce closed-cell, low-density Kynar® PVDF films.  In technical cooperation with Arkema Inc., Bixby can provide PVDF film and sheet ranging from 5 mils to 0.250 inches thick up to 72 inches wide.  The finished product can be in sheeted format or as continuous rolls.

Using an engineered concentrate technology, Kynar® PVDF and Kynar Flex® PVDF materials can be extruded with up to an 80% reduction in density.  The technology is transferable to almost any commercial grade of Kynar® PVDF, including grades that are flame-retardant, pigmented, or fiber-reinforced.  

Kynar® PVDF is highly chemically resistant, UL® RTI rated up to 150°C, UV resistant, and flame retardant polymer.  Extruding this thermoplastic polymer utilizing density reduction technology offers several potential features that are different than any traditionally extruded PVDF material.  The low density of the extruded product also allows it to be offered at a reduced cost.    Additionally, more rigid grades of Kynar® PVDF can be produced to be more flexible.  Benefits of this low-density material also include the ability to easily cut the product, even in thicker sections, the capability to reduce thermal conductivity, and the polymer’s ability to be made into floating structures with a density well below 1 g/cc.  Top and bottom Kynar® PVDF skin can even be extruded on either side of the foamed core to yield color and aesthetics as desired.  All of these new competencies of low-density PVDF can be achieved without necessarily losing key characteristics such as chemical resistance, ultimate temperature resistance, flame, and smoke testing performance, or the ability to weld or thermoform the sheets and film.

It would be expected that such low-density Kynar® PVDF products could be utilized in chemical exposure applications, flame retardant composites, gaskets and seals, pond liners, tapes, and lightweight components. 

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