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Together We Can Help Fight COVID-19

Bixby is proud to be a current supplier to the medical industry and U.S. Department of Defense.  Therefore, we have been classified as an essential manufacturer and will remain open to provide continued support to those brave individuals working to fight this virus every day.  Additionally, we have been asked to participate in special projects to supply parts for face masks and face shields in this section.  Our thoughts and thanks go out to each and every one of you working to protect our health.  If your company is interested in joining in this effort, please read more to see what Bixby can do! 

We here at Bixby hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during these difficult times.  As a domestic plastics manufacturer we want to be a sound partner in the fight against this virus.  Our expertise in plastics extrusion and lamination grants us the capabilities to offer a number of solutions for those working to aide people in need.  We are currently working hard to deliver some of these solutions with the collaboration of some key partners.  Working together we hope that we can continue to promote the safety of our medical, government and essential professionals and battle COVID-19.

Below is a list of some of Bixby’s relevant capabilities and services.  However, if you have a need or idea that is not included below please contact us today! 


Bixby Offers the Following Solutions:

- Thin, clear and durable sheet for rigid face masks and lenses

  • Used for medical professionals, cashiers/workers at essential businesses such as doctor’s offices, grocery stores, government/military buildings, etc.

- Coated non-woven rolls to make medical garments/drapes

  • Non-woven products can be coated with an olefin (i.e. EVA) or two non-woven materials can be bonded together

  • We have experience using Tyvek™, Sontara™ and Gore-Tex™ fabrics as well as other similar materials

  • Belt lamination available to do “finishing” lamination of intermediate structures for these applications

- Bixby’s elastic tape is available in a variety of widths and thickness for use in surgical /protective masks and garments

- Proprietary perforated elastics developed by Bixby for use as the binding layer between two tightly woven or light non-woven fabrics for use as surgical/protective masks

  • Product can be thermoformed into any required shape

  • Some materials can be sterilized with bleach and reused without degradation of product properties (Contact us for more detail on which materials to use


Our capabilities include the ability to meet the above product needs as well as a variety of other options. 

- Creating film, sheet, and laminates from any thermoplastic and any fabric, non-woven, reinforcements, foams, films or roll stock

  •  Film and sheet can be made gloss/gloss or other finishes

  • Multiple layer film and sheet products can be made to adhere to a selection of substrates

  • Ability to run narrow widths to up to 6 feet wide

  • Available thickness ranges from 1 mils to 250 mils

  • In-process bonding to fabric, textiles, foams, films, etc.

  • Rigid and elastic product options available

  • Films and sheets (up to ~120 mils thick) can be perforated

  • Improve bond strength with corona treatment of substrates

- Multiple lamination methods

  • Extrusion lamination and coating between and onto most any substrate (see above)

  • Continuous belt lamination of any thermoplastic films, hot melts, and roll goods (textiles, non-wovens, foams, films, etc.)

  • Dot-coat gravure coating and lamination of films, sheet and roll goods

- Slitting and converting

  • Ability to slit large roll widths down to narrower gauge, as narrow as ~5 inches

Once again, we hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe.  Our thoughts are with each of you and your loved ones during this time.  Together maybe we can make a difference!  

And remember... DO THE FIVE

1 • HANDS - Wash them often
2 • ELBOW - Cough into it
3 • FACE - Don't touch it
4 • SPACE - Keep safe distance
5 • HOME - Stay if you can


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