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In a recently launched campaign by New Balance to enforce its message of their support for U.S. manufacturing, Bixby International, along with five other U.S. vendors were highlighted as vendors benefitting from New Balance's domestic manufacturing efforts.

This campaign aligns nicely with the recent news that the Boston-based brand will supply sneakers to military recruits as soon as next year following a Department of Defense policy change. Hear President Dan Rocconi, in the video below, explain how Bixby assists New Balance in the quest to produce a 100%, All-American shoe.

Bixby's work with footwear companies has shown that it can help clients manufacture more affordably in the US without sacrificing high quality. This is especially the case now that foreign wages and shipping costs are rising. Bringing more manufacturing back to the US not only enables Bixby to grow and create more jobs in the Newburyport area, where it is located, but it also helps its development partners to benefit from much quicker response times, much better exchange of ideas, and from getting higher quality products to market more rapidly.

The company does note that when its domestic value is at least 70%, it will label the shoes "Made in the USA," meaning some materials are still in fact imported.