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As Our Team Continues to Grow, Bixby International Welcomes KaWeng Choi, Brady Flood, and Maggie Riley

Bixby International is pleased to welcome three new members to its Technical Team - KaWeng Choi, Brady Flood, and Maggie Riley. KaWeng, Brady, and Maggie are all based at Bixby's headquarters in Newburyport, MA.

In her new role, Analytical Chemist KaWeng Choi is responsible for performing mechanical and physical tests in the lab and analyzing the data produced by these experiments. KaWeng, who has experience using various analytical techniques such as FTIR, DCS, TGA, Instron and related sample preparation, also works directly with Bixby's marketing, scientific, and manufacturing teams. 

When KaWeng is not busy in the lab or analyzing data, she enjoys cooking for family and friends and learning new recipes. She also loves to travel as well as spending quality time with her miniature poodle puppy, Newton.

Prior to joining the company, Kaweng held roles as a QA Test Technician and an Agricultural Chemist. She earned a Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Salem State University.

Also recently joining the Bixby team is Technical Service Engineer Brady Flood. In his new role, Brady serves as a key liaison bridging the Sales team with Research & Development as well as Process Engineering. His daily responsibilities include preparing quotes for account managers, estimating manufacturing capabilities for customers, and providing on-site and remote tech support to the Sales team. He also manages the Engineering Change Notice process. 

When he's not busy at the office, Brady enjoys taking and editing digital photos, with a focus on astrophotography. He also enjoys playing disc golf with friends as well as perusing consignment stores to buy albums to add to his ever-growing collection of vintage vinyl records.

His past experience includes professional roles as a Value Stream Process Engineer and a Product Development Technician. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. 

Process Engineer Maggie Riley also recently joined the Bixby team. Maggie's responsibilities include providing support to extrusion, gravure lamination and the slitting department's trials and production. She also develops and maintains documentation including running conditions, trouble- shooting guidelines, visual standards, process documentation, and standard work for gravure lamination and slitting.

On a personal note, when she's not working, Maggie enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible going on hikes, rock climbing, kayaking, and going to the beach. She also enjoys yoga, kickboxing, and spending time with her two cats. 

Prior to joining Bixby, Maggie's previous experience includes working as a Rubber Chemical Process Engineer as well as a Polymer and Process Technologist. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.