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Wood, concrete and iron foundations are used to support critical infrastructures such as marine piers and docks, oil and industrial terminals, and airport runways. Because they are in an aggressive marine environment, they are under constant assault from corrosive environmental conditions, including water, salt, sun, surf, and temperature. Providing effective protection for these exposed supports requires solutions made of fabrics and durable elastomer laminates that can seal and preserve them over a long period of time.

Bixby offers laminates that defy the elements.

How did Bixby International begin developing high-tenacity laminates for these types of abrasive applications? It all started when a client required a laminate product that would survive in a corrosive marine environment for many years. The custom product needed to be used to protect outdoor building supports from corrosion caused by exposure to UV, moisture, and extreme hot and cold temperatures. Bixby's development team worked closely with the client to define the problem, develop a prototype, source materials, and finally manufacture a high-tenacity laminate structure that stands up to the elements, and lasts for up to decades.

When it comes to protection, Bixby lays it on thick.

The constructions of the materials Bixby develops utilize durable formulated elastomers that are stabilized to be impermeable to the environmental effects of intense conditions. By using up to six or more layers of special no-stretch reinforcing fabrics, elastomers, additives, and felts, Bixby's high-tenacity laminates withstand aggressive elements without being breached by moisture or delaminating over time and under stress. In addition, each layer is compatible with the next to assure complete wet-out of the fabrics and solid interlaminate adhesion to prevent bond failure.

Bixby for solutions you can work with and trust.

Bixby's products are designed to be attached under extremely high hoop and tensile stresses to ensure a long-term watertight seal over time without the detrimental effect of polymer creep.

Creep associated with typical thermoplastic constructions can cause premature failure allowing water ingress and corrosion. This is a non-issue with Bixby's high-tenacity laminates. And it is why OEMs depend on Bixby's proven constructions for warranting the stability and life of their products.

OEMs are also pleased to know that high quality engineered laminates in critical to function products are being manufactured in the US by a strong and innovative technical manufacturing firm-Bixby International.