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Bixby Announces the Availability of Bixwear for the Apparel and Footwear Industry

Bixby International is pleased to announce the availability of Bixwear for the Apparel & Footwear industry. Our unique processing capabilities and ability to produce a wide range of specialty plastic resins allows us to provide a diverse portfolio of products to the apparel industry, including our Bixwear line. Bixby’s unique plastic formulations provide a variety of adhesive, barrier, and elastic Bixwear products. 

In addition to Bixwear, we also develop custom solutions for clients in the apparel industry.
Bixby provides both single-layer and multi-layer films, including films integrated with foam padding, textile reinforcements, and multilayer combinations of polymers and textiles. Our high-end process allows us to produce films of the highest quality that are used to make a wide variety of apparel products.
            •          Custom Elastic Tapes
            •          Custom Elastic Adhesives
            •          Adhesive Films
            •          Perforated Elastic Films
            •          Specialty Elastic Films and Sheets
In addition to the apparel and footwear markets, we also provide custom plastic extrusions for a wide range of other industries. Bixby specializes in delivering practical thermoplastic extrusion solutions for the most challenging mono- and multi-layer plastic sheet applications in the world. In markets ranging from aerospace and energy to mining and medical devices, we leverage our expertise in materials, processes, and applications to meet the most difficult design, engineering and manufacturing obstacles faced by our customers. 

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Flooring/Protective Surfaces
Industrial Fabrics
Renewable Energy