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    Bixby Celebrates Daffodil Days

    Springtime has always had a history of invoking feelings of joy, rebirth, and hope. Each year, one of the first signs of spring are the first buds of the bright daffodils blooming from amidst the melting snow and lingering cold. With this sentiment of hope in mind, the American Cancer Society created the Daffodil Days campaign to grant everyone the opportunity to spread joy and raise funds by sharing this springtime favorite with their peers, workplaces, or community. The proceeds raised through this campaign help to support research, patient services, and much needed programs for all those affected by this disease.

    On Friday, March 26th, Bixby’s Care Team cheerfully handed out bunches of lovely daffodils to each of our employees. The smiles shared and bright yellow glow that lit up the main conference room pale in comparison to the hope that together, through events such as these, we can help to find lasting treatments and a cure for cancer. Nearly everyone has had their lives touched by this disease in some form and these simple bouquets offer a jovial reminder of those loved ones, those struggles, and the hope that is shared through the hard times and the good.

    Although the Daffodil Days event has ended in most areas, there are still a number of ways to support the ACS in your community. Here at Bixby, we are happy to be able to contribute to this remarkable cause and look forward to other opportunities in the future. 


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