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    A Year of Gratefulness, Innovation, and an Excited Outlook for 2024

    Bixby's President & CEO, Dan Rocconi, briefly recaps 2023 and his positive outlook for the upcoming year.

    In his video discussing the past year at Bixby International, CEO & President, Dan Rocconi stresses the importance of safety, commends our team's continual dedication to innovation, and inspires us with his promising outlook for 2024. As always, the first sentiment is toward Bixby's amazing team of employees - without whom, none of the company's successes could be accomplished. Their hard work, dedication, and expertise have been instrumental in the company's achievements through the years. By fostering a positive and collaborative work culture, Bixby International has created a strong foundation for future growth.

    Overall fiscal year 2023 was, as Dan puts it, "a good year". Although there were challenges faced in various areas, we were still able to overcome and even grow into new markets. One of the primary factors he highlighted was the emphasis on safety. Within the past year, there were a few minor safety issues that were handled with optimum care and concern. However, a year of zero accidents is our goal so the Bixby team is planning to "continue to focus on safety and get better and better". Rocconi recognizes that a safe work environment is essential for the well-being of employees and the overall success of the company. By prioritizing safety measures and implementing robust protocols, Bixby International ensures the protection of its workforce and minimizes operational disruptions.

    A few unexpected challenges arose in 2023 due to changes within our customers' infrastructure. However, in true Bixby form, the company was able to come together and pivot to persevere through what could have been very difficult situations. The introduction of new development programs and the company's dedication to innovation allow Bixby to continually expand and evolve. Business growth not only benefits the company but also creates more opportunities for employees. As the company expands, new roles and career development opportunities emerge, offering employees a chance to grow both personally and professionally. Understanding the importance of business growth, Bixby International has made it a core focus and is committed to implementing strategies that will drive sustainable growth in the coming years.

    Another significant factor identified by Rocconi was the company's ability to navigate economic challenges. A portion of the concern in the upcoming year is the level of inventory that some customers have built up due to economic prudency. Despite concerns about the economy, Bixby International has demonstrated stability and resilience. Dan confidently states, "We're in very good shape - a healthy company, we have the right employees, we have the right products, we have great customers to work through these challenges so I see no issues. We'll work through all of this and continue to move the company forward." Through effective financial management and strategic decision-making, the company has been able to weather economic downturns and continue its growth trajectory. 

    One aspect of the growth strategy is a focus on product innovation. Bixby International understands the importance of staying ahead of market trends and continuously developing new and improved products. By investing in research and development, the company aims to meet the evolving needs of customers and gain a competitive edge in the industry. Additionally, Bixby International is actively exploring new markets and expanding its customer base. By identifying untapped opportunities and establishing strategic partnerships, the company aims to broaden its reach and increase market share. Furthermore, the growth strategy includes proactive measures to optimize operational efficiency. Bixby International is committed to streamlining processes, implementing cost-saving initiatives, and enhancing productivity. By continuously improving internal operations, the company can allocate resources effectively and drive sustainable growth. With a commitment to our employees and adapting to changing market trends, Bixby International is prepared to navigate uncertainties and capitalize on emerging opportunities in 2024 and beyond. 

    In closing, both Dan, and all of us here at Bixby wish our colleagues, customers, partners, friends, and family an amazing holiday season full of joyful moments with the ones we love. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a prosperous new year to all!

    And of course.... Go Birds!